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Amazing coverage, Amazing affordability, Amazing alternative.  Business owner health insurance is expensive for the mid-size business employer and employees because healthcare premiums are skyrocketing more and more every year and deductibles are outrageous. We typically save businesses 20% - 40% compared to traditional insurance.  How?  Imagine: 0 deductibles / first dollar coverage, low monthly costs and a portion of the unused claims fund returned to employer at the end of the year which they can use to lower rates for all the following year. Although costs are lower, our plans have what you would expect in a robust, broad-ranging medical benefits program that uses the nation's largest private PPO network with thousands of primary hospitals and licensed board-certified physicians.  Vision, Dental, Pharmacy are all included in the price. Your staff can purchase the amount of coverage that they believe best fits their needs and lifestyle. Also, as of 2020, our monthly rates haven't gone up in 3 years.

If you have been looking for Health Insurance Plans for Small or Medium-Sized Businesses that are affordable, you might find that the costs are usually outrageous.  We have the midsize business healthcare alternative, we might be what you are looking for.  More incredible features: no open enrollment constraints (sign up any time), no medical underwriting nor pre-existing condition exclusions on base plans and no waiting periods (with a few exclusions).  The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans are a modern solution coordinated by the Small Business Agency Cooperative.  Don't let that name confuse you- we work just as easily with midsize and large businesses- in fact, we are even more beneficial to larger businesses as they must provide benefit plans or face IRS tax penalties.  Our plans are a partially self-funded, cost-share health care coverage program. 

Regulated.  Compliant.  The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans are regulated and in compliance with Federal ERISA laws.  They are compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) and IRS rules.  They are implemented on a contributory or non-contributory basis and fit easily into your 125 cafeteria plan to pay for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis.  Re-insurance is purchased so if money goes above the claim fund the employer is not liable.  If annual coverage needs are expected to exceed The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans’ annual limitations, employees should consider adding one of our catastrophic plans. Many find our Plan B, coupled with the ASH Catastrophic plan especially appealing- together it's still more affordable than traditional insurance.  The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans provide a great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program. 

Do you have employees in multiple states?  Our plans are available in all 50 states and U.S. territories.  This is the perfect solution to simplify your health care plans.  It eliminates the need to keep track of multiple state regulations and eliminates confusion and differing communications.


Amazing Features of Our Innovative Small & Mid-Size Business HealthCare Plans


  • ACA compliant midsize business owner health care
  • ERISA Compliant
  • IRS / Tax Compliant
  • Employer - although they are billed and "pay" on behalf of employees- they can deduct ALL or a portion of costs from employee's wages
  • Refund of claim money. With this plan, everybody puts money into the cost-share claims fund- If the group doesn't use all the claims funds, a portions is given back to the business owner to reduce rates for all the following year
  • Re-insurance purchased so if money goes above the claim fund the employer is not liable
  • Expert team to answer all employee questions, promote the plan, do a presentation with Q&A. The business owner and HR do not have to handle it
  • Great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program; an incentive; a perk
  • No open enrollment constraints- we customize open enrollment for you
  • Available in all 50 states.  Terrific solution for companies with employees in multiple states.  You can offer the same plans across all states- less regulations to keep track of, less communications

EMPLOYEE / EMPLOYER MEMBER BENEFITS (not eligible 65 and older)

  • Low monthly cost
  • No deductibles - 0 deductible health care plan with first dollar coverage
  • ACA compliant small business health care which includes Minimum Essential Coverage including Preventative Care, Routine Well Care, Adult Preventative Services and Screenings (physicals, flu shots), Woman Preventive Services and Screenings (pap smear), Child Preventive Services and Screenings (immunizations, physicals), and 100% of ACA Mandated Prescriptions such as birth control
  • Prescription pharmacy benefit 
  • 24/7 telemedicine video portal to doctor (online) - Virtual Clinic which allows members to call and speak to a state board certified physician who will be able to triage the patient and if required, prescribe appropriate medications to be picked up at a member pharmacy
  • No pre-existing limitation on the base business health care plans 
  • At the date of this posting (05/20/2020), we are using the largest private PPO network in the USA! Primary Care, Specialist, and Urgent Care Visits, X-rays, CT, MRI, Lab/Diagnostics, Chiropractics, etc; plans are robust, laden with all the benefits and features you would expect from a broad ranging benefit program
  • Dental included in price
  • Vision included in price
  • ID card: PPO / plan info
  • No waiting periods (see plan details for exclusions)

So come join us for a brief overview of The SB/A Freedom Protect Medium-sized Business Health Care Plans – the way you always wanted it to be! 
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How can a small or medium-sized business afford health care benefit plans for employees?  This may be the best small or mid-size business health care alternative to insurance:  Affordable, flexible, powerful.
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