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We have the business health care alternative!  These plans very unique and different from the typical health care plans. Imagine: 0 deductibles / first dollar coverage, no medical underwriting nor pre-existing condition exclusions (on base plans), no open enrollment constraints (sign up any time), a portion of the unused claims fund returned to employer at the end of the year. Yet it has what you would expect in a robust, broad-ranging medical benefits program which includes ACA mandated coverages and uses the nation's largest private PPO network with thousands of primary hospitals and licensed board-certified physicians.  Are these health care plans laden with benefits and features? Yes.  Do these plans cover hospitalization, professional services, inpatient and outpatient, urgent care, psyche and substance abuse, surgery? Preventative and wellness. Absolutely. Vision. Dental. Pharma? Of course.

If you have been looking at small business health insurance and alternative options, we might be what you are looking for except our plans are not traditional "insurance." Small business owner health insurance is expensive for the employer and employees!  Small business health care costs are skyrocketing and deductibles are outrageous.  The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans are a modern solution coordinated by the Small Business Agency Cooperative.  They are a partially self-funded, cost-share health care coverage program,  and regulated by ERISA, which is the Federal Law that sets the standards for over 60% of employer established health care plans in private and public sector industry.  It is in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Available in all 50 states. Looking ahead for business health care for open enrollment 2021? We've got you covered, pun intended, but you don't need to wait- these plans are available any time of the year.

Your staff can purchase the amount of coverage that they believe best fits their needs and lifestyle. The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans provide a great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program. The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans are implemented on a contributory or non-contributory basis and fit easily into your 125 cafeteria plan to pay for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis.  The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans offer “no deductible” coverage with the flexibility, affordability, and usability so Employers can now effectively manage employee health care needs and benefit costs.  If annual coverage needs are expected to exceed The SB/A Freedom Protect Plans’ annual limitations, employees should consider adding one of our catastrophic plans. Many find our Plan B, coupled with the ASH Catastrophic plan especially appealing- together it's still more affordable than traditional insurance.  

What about an alternative to Self Employed Health Insurance? Again, insurance can be very expensive so we offer this self-employed business health care alternative to as an option for those who join our group as DAC agents. Normally, we only work with business groups of 2 or more.  In these times, with so many in need of health coverage, and some having lost their jobs, we have been authorized by our partners to allow self-employed, individual business owners, freelancers and anyone else access to the same group PPO network health care Freedom Plans our DAC agents enjoy by joining as a DAC agent and then accessing our agent plan portal.  It's Free to become a DAC agent.  There is nothing you ever have to promote, sell, nor buy (except your health care payments) and no one is going to hassle you. It is a different website, so do NOT click the buttons below.  Go Here for More Info. 

Amazing Features of This Small Business Health Care Innovation Alternative:


  • ACA compliant small business owner health care
  • ERISA Compliant
  • Tax Compliant
  • Employer - although they are billed and "pay" on behalf of employees- they can deduct ALL or a portion of costs from employee's wages so in effect not paying all if they choose (under 50 full time employees; over 50 employees- they do need to pay or have tax penalty)
  • Refund of claim money. With "insurance" you do not get a refund. With this plan, everybody puts money into it- If the group doesn't use all the claims funds, a portions is given back to the business owner to reduce rates for all the following year
  • Re-insurance purchased so if money goes above the claim fund the employer is not liable
  • Expert team to answer all employee questions, promote the plan, do a presentation with Q&A. The business owner and HR do not have to handle it
  • Great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program; an incentive; a perk
  • No open enrollment constraints- we customize open enrollment for you

How can small business afford health care benefit plans for employees?  This may be the best small business health care alternative to insurance; a great small business owner health plan for open enrollment 2021 or any time.

EMPLOYEE / EMPLOYER MEMBER BENEFITS (not eligible 65 and older)

  • Low monthly cost
  • No deductible - 0 deductible health care plan
  • ACA compliant small business health care which includes Minimum Essential Coverage including Preventative Care, Routine Well Care, Adult Preventative Services and Screenings (physicals, flu shots), Woman Preventive Services and Screenings (pap smear), Child Preventive Services and Screenings (immunizations, physicals), and 100% of ACA Mandated Prescriptions such as birth control
  • Prescription pharmacy benefit 
  • 24/7 telemedicine video portal to doctor (Doctor visit ONLINE through video) - Virtual Clinic which allows members to call and speak to a state board certified physician who will be able to triage the patient and if required, prescribe appropriate medications to be picked up at a member pharmacy
  • No pre-existing limitation on the base business health care plan 
  • At the date of this posting (05/20/2020), we are using the largest private PPO network in the USA! Primary Care, Specialist, and Urgent Care Visits, X-rays, CT, MRI, Lab/Diagnostics, Chiropractics, etc. (see plan details for exclusions), plans are robust, broad-ranging and laden with benefits and features!
  • Discounted dental, Vision
  • ID card: PPO / plan info
  • No waiting periods (see plan details for exclusions)

So come join us for a brief overview of The SB/A Freedom Protect Small Business Health Care Plans – the way you always wanted it to be! 
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