HealthCare Benefit Plans for Self-Employed Freelance Individual Business Owners

Our Outreach Work-Around: Become DAC Agents

In our line of business, we often get asked questions like "How Do You Get Health Insurance if You're Self-Employed?" "How much is health insurance for freelancers?"  "How does a sole proprietor get health insurance?"  Unfortunately to receive PPO group discounts, one must usually be part of a group but you should look at all the options available to you in your particular state.  We have a possible solution for affordable self-employed health care but it isn't termed "insurance."   We have available a Federally regulated (ERISA, ACA) and compliant, modern, robust, flexible business health care innovation alternative facilitated by the Small Business Agency (SB/A) cooperative and marketed by David Allen Capital (DAC). Under ERISA, the federal government’s regulatory arm, ERISA-compliant medical benefit plans are only available through Employers and their Employees so consequently we routinely only offer this to business groups of 2 or more people.  We are accepting new DAC agents.  If someone signs up to pursue the DAC opportunity, the individuals first join as a DAC agent and then have access to our DAC-only health care portal with the SB/A health care plans.  Joining DAC is FREE.  There is NO obligation.  There is nothing you have to buy (unless you want to pay for the monthly health care plan costs which is optional).  As a DAC agent, you market our services part time.  You will receive FREE replicated websites and FREE online training.  Again, it's risk and hassle free to join.  Easy to join (no credit card is entered).  If you are interested, scroll down to learn more about the plans themselves.  You also have an option to call a licensed SB/A professional about the plans before you join.    

Amazing Features - as part of the DAC agent group


  • Low monthly cost
  • No deductible - 0 deductible health care plan
  • ACA compliant small business health care which includes Minimum Essential Coverage including Preventative Care, Routine Well Care, Adult Preventative Services and Screenings (physicals, flu shots), Woman Preventive Services and Screenings (pap smear), Child Preventive Services and Screenings (immunizations, physicals), and 100% of ACA Mandated Prescriptions such as birth control
  • Prescription pharmacy benefit 
  • 24/7 telemedicine video portal to doctor (Doctor visit ONLINE through video) - Virtual Clinic which allows members to call and speak to a state board certified physician who will be able to triage the patient and if required, prescribe appropriate medications to be picked up at a member pharmacy
  • No pre-existing limitation on the base business health care plan 
  • At the date of this posting (subject to change), we are using the largest private PPO network in the USA! Primary Care, Specialist, and Urgent Care Visits, X-rays, CT, MRI, Lab/Diagnostics, Chiropractics (see plan details for exclusions) 
  • Discounted dental
  • ID card: PPO / plan info
  • No waiting periods (see plan details for exclusions)

FIRST you need to sign up as a FREE, no-obligation, no hassles, DAC agent.  To do so, click the DAC icon link below and fill out the simple form.  It's super easy and fast. 
Your referring agent is Shannon D. Smith, ID: 101220379.  

Click link below to join as a DAC agent.

DAC will then send you a 9 digit agent ID number.  You will need to paste that number right on to the end of this website:, after the "/".  This will be your portal to the DAC agent only group health care plans.  Do not use the other links on this website for the the business groups of 2 or more- that is a different link.  This is a special one made just for DAC agents.  There you can look at the rates, plans and other information.  There is contact info should you want to discuss the plans or get help with enrollment over the phone, for FREE, with a SB/A professional.  

That's it.  Finding affordable health insurance when you're self-employed or a freelancer can be tricky, so if you are looking for a solution to these inquires:  "How to Save on Health Insurance as a Freelancer," "Self-employed health insurance plans," "affordable self-employed health insurance," or "Health Insurance for a Sole Proprietorship" and you haven't found an alternative you like through your state - we may have an alternative option (remember we are not technically termed "insurance" but we are Federally Compliant and regulated by ERISA and ACA as well as being very robust and broad ranging) carefully check out our plans here at and if interested- be sure to follow the steps above to first sign up as a FREE DAC agent to have access to our group and then choose a plan for you, call one of the SB/A professionals for more information and sign up for yourself and your family. We provide awesome FREE websites for all of our services and it's as simple as telling someone about a service and sending them the website.  

Click link below to learn about DAC (optional).